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DTSD79-W1-R Three phase smart energy meter

 Product introduction

The DTSD79-W1-R type three phase smart energy meter adopts latest microelectronic technology to measure active electric energy of three phase AC whole rated frequency is 50/60Hz, coordination meter age of positive and negative. This series meter has two modes of cut-over: cut-over directly and cut-over by mutual inductance electronics. The performance is in conformity with the technical requirements for three-phase electronic energy meter stipulated in GB/T 17215.321-2008 Class 1 and 2 Static AC Active energy meter standard.

 Function Fratures

1. Measure three phase active electric energy, do not need calibrate for long-term operation

2. Three phase power supply, measurement unaffected by loss of one phase (any one wire of three-wire) or two (any two wire of four-wire)

3. Wide service temperature range

4. Assuming function of defect phase indication or voltage indication

5. Way of display: register, LCD, digital tube

6. Remote interruption of power supply function

7. Output interface RS485


 Technical  data

 Outer and mount dimension