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DH96-EL3 Panel mounted energy meter

 Product introduction


The DH96-EL3 measures important electrical parameters in three phase & replaces the multiple analog panel meters. It measures electrical parameters like AC Voltage, Current and Frequency, Power, Power Factor, Active Energy(Import/Export)



1. Alphanumeric LCD display for viewing all parameters being monitored and for configuring at site CT/PT ratio reset and MODBUS communication settings

2. Active energy (kWhr), Reactive energy (kVArhr) and Apparent energy (kVAhr)

3. The instrument measures distorted waveform up to 15th Harmonic

4. The instrument measures 37 electrical parameters of three phase network

5. Compliance to international safety standard IEC 414/IEC61010-1

6. DH96-EL3 can be programmed by entering into the programming mode which is protected. Programming mode can be used for configuring CT/PT ratio, reset and MODBUS communication settings at site

7. The instrument stores minimum and maximum values for system voltage and system current. Every 40 sec minimum and maximum readings are updated

8. In case of power failure, the instrument memorizes the last energy count. Every 40 sec, the instrument updates the energy counter in the non-volatile memory

9. Values of active energy (import/export), reactive energy (import/export) are configurable 15 minutes/1 hour

10. The MODBUS output enables the instrument to transmit all the measured parameters over standard MODBUS, RS485


 Technical data

 Outer and mount dimension