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DTSY79 Three phase prepaid energy meter

 Product introduction

DTSY79 three phase electric prepaid energy meter is a new type of IC card prepaid meter, which has such functions as power metering, load control and customer

information management. It’s an ideal product to reform the power system,commercialize energy, solve energy charging problems and adjust the load state.

This series electronic energy meter has two ways of wiring: direct wiring or wiring via current transformer. Every performance index of the product is in conformity

with the technical requirements for single phase electronic prepaid energy meter stipulated in GB/T 17215.321-2008 Class 1 and 2 Static AC active energy meter

standards and GB/T 18460-2001.

 Function Fratures

1. Measuring three phase active energy, no need to recalibrate for long=term


2. Three phase power supply can assure accurate metering in case of cut off in

one line (either line of the three phase three-wire energy meter) or two lines

(either two lines of the three phase four wire energy meter)

3. Output testing signal

4. Each user responds to a card, well protected from forgery

5. Once the remaining power is approaching the alarming value, the LED will

light to remind the user of timely purchasing

6. When the remaining energy is 0, the meter will switch off automatically

7. Power will be cut off automatically under overload for the convenience of

capacity enlargement by the power institution

8. Write-back function makes the power institution’s management easier

9. The exclusive IC card power selling management system has completed

function of energy selling and energy-using supervision

10. Extensible RS485

 Technical  data

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