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DDSY879-F Single phase prepaid energy meter 

 Product introduction

The DDSY879-F type single phase prepaid energy meter is a new type of IC card prepaid meter, which has such functions as power metering, load control and 
customer information management. It is an ideal product when reforming electric use system, achieving electrical energy to commercialize, setting charge and 
adjusting load stage in the electric network. All the indexes comply with the technological specifications designed for the single phase electronic prepaid 
energy meter in the standard of GB/T 17215—2002; DL/T 645-(1997)2007 and DL/T 698-1999. 

 Function features

1. Class 1 and class 2 
2. IEC 62053-21 and IEC 62052-11 
3. Active single phase electric power metering, no subject to adjust in terms of long working; one card for only one user, well protected from forgery 
4. Once the remaining electric power quality is approaching the alarming power quality, the digital tube should be lighted to remind user of timely purchasing 
5. Once the electric consumption available is out, it should be auto cut off 
6. Protect from power theft and record the information auto 
7. Auto cut off for overload 
8 Date copying function makes the electricity department easier to manage 
9 The meter has the feature of long using life, high reliability
10. The IC card power selling control system has sound functions of power selling and power using supervision 
11 LCD Display: large 7-segment; 6 integral with 2 decimal or 5 with 3(programmable) 
12. Communications: Option for DLMS/COSEM; PLC and RS485.

 Technical data

 Outer and mount dimension