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DDSY879-STS single phase smart keypad prepayment meter

 Product introduction

DDSY879-STS single phase smart keypad prepayment meter, adopting LSI and digital sampling technology, fully comply with DLMS/COSEM standards, with features of active energy metering, demand metering, power consumption metering; TOU billing, step tariff billing mode; monthly frozen, load profile storage; fraud and tampering event record; remote disconnect and reconnect, disconnect on debt, over power load disconnect, tamper event trigging disconnection; non- disconnection for friendly time section, weekend day and public holiday; Friendly credit recharge mode against credit hoard, emergency energy function, good energy consumption tips, and test mode; RS 485 and optical communication interface, etc. It passes DLMS certification test, being able to communicate with AMI systems, which make it an ideal metering device for utilities.



 Function features


1. The meter complies with the following standards:

IEC62052-11 IEC 62053-21 IEC 62053-22

    IEC 62053-23 IEC 62056-21 IEC 62055-31

IEC 62056-42 IEC 62056-46   IEC 62056-53

IEC 62056-61 IEC 62056-56

2. Import and export active total energy, import and export active energy of each tariff,  import active MD, import active MD for each tariff, export active MD, export active MD for each tariff.

3. Billing time, daily, weekly frozen.

4. Meter reset

5. energy pulse, clock signal

6. Date, time and leap year change, two sets of TOU, time section switch, time correction.

7. Record events of over voltage, under voltage, power off, meter cover open, terminal cover open, etc.

8. Scrolling display mode and key pressing display mode

9. RS485 interface, optical interface, DLMS protocol

10. Voltage, current, neutral current, active power, etc.

11. Apparent power, power factor, frequency of power grid

12. Alarm credit, overdraft credit, hoard credit

13. Tripping of over load, credit lower, tamper (optional), and remote tripping (optional)

14. Friendly time section, weekend, and public holiday

15. Display version No., state, remain energy, LCD, accuracy etc.

16. Voltage and current 2 ~ 21 harmonic content (optional)

17. Blackout meter data display by key pressing

18. Load profile

19. Remote firmware upgrade

20. Security protection

 Techical data

 Outer and mount dimension