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DDZY9898-Q single-phase remote control of intelligent energy meter

(smart apartment type)

 Production introduction

  DDZY9898-Q single-phase remote control of intelligent energy meter (intelligent apartment type) is mainly used for intelligent apartment measurement, to meet the apartment remote prepaid, remote power transmission, safe electricity management needs.
  The instrument uses advanced MCU main chip and 485 communication chip and dedicated energy metering chip design, the product has a remote prepaid (recharge code logic encryption), remote power and power transmission, the cost of remote alarm, remote refund, safe electricity Management, is the safe use of electricity and other functions, is the ideal choice for the implementation of remote meter reading.
  The comprehensive technical indicators of the instrument in line with the national standard GB / T 17215 "1 and 2 static AC active power meter" requirements, infrared communication in line with DL / T 645- (1997) 2007 "multi-function energy meter communication Statute "requirement. In line with the People's Republic of China power industry standard DL / T 698 "low-voltage power users centralized meter reading system technical conditions."

 Features features

  ★ active energy 1.0,2.0 level measurement
  ★ Malicious load identification, recognition power range software can be set, the malicious load automatically trips and records, delay the power supply time can be set.
  ★ According to the dormitory characteristics of each meter can be specified for the four kinds of management mode: unconditional power transmission, unconditional power, pre-paid mode and identify the negative load limit power, public power mode but to identify the negative load limit power.
  ★ low battery alarm and the main station command alarm (with DH6200V3 system can achieve remote automatic alarm, WeChat or SMS)
  ★ remote pull closing control function, a pre-trip instructions
  ★ 485 communication (optional carrier function)
  ★ broadcast school function.
  ★ can be set by 485, carrier or infrared date and time
  ★ power can be cleared, you can through the 485 interface, infrared communication for a limited clearance.
  ★ Set or set the maximum load of electricity alone, overload the gate and record
  ★ through the data acquisition terminal can achieve GPRS wireless, LORA wireless, WIFI wireless, Ethernet and other means of communication with the software
  ★ time limit power function, the daily can be set to 8 time limit power, time switching time is less than 1 second
  ★ centralized power supply function, set the meter automatically after the automatic power supply, do not need to start the main station
  ★ week off the day limit power function, weekends set different power limit period and power
  ★ winter and summer vacation function, winter and summer vacation hours need to set through the main station
  ★ low-power design, battery maintenance for a long time, power failure trigger display to maintain more than 10 years, LCD often show more than 5 years
  ★ meter can read active power, reactive power, current, voltage, the number of trips and other parameters
  ★ can achieve double-circuit metering anti-tampering function, found that stealing behavior trip and record
  ★ monthly recharge function, the monthly automatic recharge
  ★ electricity deduction automatically deducted

 Specifications Model and the main technical parameters

  Accuracy class: active grade 1.0 grade 2.0
  Ÿ Vicious load recognition time: 2 seconds
  Ÿ Minimum recognition power: 50w
  • Minimum limit power: 50w
  • Overload identification time: 10 seconds
  Ÿ Recovery power supply delay time: 3 minutes
  Ÿ Temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

 Energy Meter Specifications


  Installation dimensions