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 Product introduction
The D879-K is a dual power source measuring, split type prepayment electricity meter, completed in BS foot print housing working with a separate display and keypad unit (UIU/CIU). It is an ideal revenue protection metering tool that can measure grid power and any other alternative power with no need to add extra components. In dual prepaid mode, the meter can auto decrypt the recharge code from different source and top up into separate balance.

  Function features

1. Active energy measurement

2. Adopt 20-digit token as data transmission media, you can purchase energy before consumption

3. Detection of significant reverse energy(SRE)

4. IEC62056-21 compliant optical&RS485 port allowing data transmission

5. disconnect on overload and no credit

6. prepayment and credit mode hot swap

7. programmable load limit and low credit warning

8. detection and record tamper event such as opening cover, reverse connection, black-out.

9. Easy access to 12 months historical consumption data and last 5 token enter

 Spilt Configuration for Increased Revenue Protection 

The meter consists of two parts: the MCU (Metering & Control Unit); and UIU (User Interface Unit). The MCU and UIU is linked via galvancially-isolated-2-wire communication cable. Power Line Carrier(PLC) and Radio Frequency(RF) communication module is also available; if request.

The UIU installed in the customer’s home. While MCU is installed in a cabinet away from customer.

 AMI/AMR Smart Metering Function(On Request)

1. Easy connection to User Interface Unit(UIU) for split type connection

2. PLC/RF/GPRS communication with head-end AMR/AMI server

3. Time of Use(TOU), multi-tariff, holiday setting

4. Advanced load control, and disconnection features

 Outer and mount dimension